Some Facts On The First Holy Trinity

SOME FACTS ON THE FIRST HOLY TRINITY…FROM PETER J. THEVAOS..1930 TO 1954… ”Loved that church. If my memory is correct, this had been a Jewish Synagogue and the Greeks bought it and converted it a Christian Greek Orthodox Church. It had a partial basement, bathrooms, seating area and a stage for plays, Sunday School and Greek Language School. There was a caretaker who lived slept in a section of the basement. His name was Badba Thanasi. He took good care of the property. My parents and a few of my aunts and uncles were also married there. I attended church, Sunday School and Greek Language School there. This property is now gone but it was at South Boulevard near Morehead St. and the Central Y.”
This building was actually a church called Westminster Presbyterian, and was indeed located on South Blvd.  It was purchased, renovated and renamed in 1929 by the Greek Community as Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and it was used as the church of the Community until 1954 when the current Cathedral named also Holy Trinity was constructed.