Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral 1923-2023

Celebrating 100 Years of Spiritual and Community Commitment

For the past one hundred years, our beloved Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral has been the center and a bright beacon of Greek Orthodoxy and culture throughout the Charlotte area and the Carolinas. In honor of this Centennial celebration and our rich, historic legacy, we plan to commemorate our community through a yearlong celebration.

We have kicked off our Centennial celebration during our 2022 YiaSou Greek Festival, with the unveiling of a Historical Marker that has been posted in the front lawn of our Cathedral. Monthly events will continue throughout the year to highlight all the vibrant and beautiful aspects of our community’s history.

The installation of a Centennial Icon that highlights Holy Trinity Cathedral throughout the years was also completed recently and we are also planning the publication of a Commemorative Album to celebrate our 100 years of spiritual and community commitment. The final event being the Centennial Grand Banquet scheduled on the 100th year anniversary, Saturday, September 23rd, 2023.

We are deeply excited and honored to be preparing for the celebration of our community’s Centennial and invite you to frequent our website for ways you can help support, sponsor, commemorate, volunteer and participate in this momentous celebration.

Centennial Weekend Celebration September 22-24, 2023

Centennial Icon

In celebration of our community’s Centennial Anniversary, Holy Trinity has commissioned an icon to commemorate this momentous event.

The icon can now be found in the hallway of the Cathedral’s courtyard entrance.  It depicts the three Angels (symbolizing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), which visited Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 18:1-15), holding the present-day Cathedral.  Below the Cathedral someone can see the images of all of our past houses of worship: The Chamber of Commerce on East Trade Street (1920s), the former Westminster Presbyterian Church on South Boulevard (1930s), and the 1954 Cathedral on East Boulevard with Jones Mansion in the background.

Portable icons of this unique image will be available for sale later this year.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Community

  • The first Greeks settled in Charlotte circa 1910. 1910
  • In 1923 the Greek Orthodox Parish of Charlotte was organized. The first services were held at a building at the corner of 5th and North Tryon, on the 2nd floor, in the Chamber of Commerce auditorium on W. 4th St., and in a building on East Trade Street. 1923
  • In 1929 Westminster Presbyterian Located on South Blvd was purchased, renovated, and renamed Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.
  • In 1951, the current location of the Cathedral at 600 East Boulevard - occupying an entire city block - was purchased from the J. A. Jones Estate with the down payment made by the Marathon Chapter #2 Order of AHEPA. The Jones Mansion was used as the community center. 1951
  • After many months of construction following the groundbreaking in 1953, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral opened its doors in the Spring of 1954. 1954
  • The Hellenic Center was built in the place of the Jones Mansion. 1967
  • The Yiasou Greek Festival began in 1978 and since then has become one of Charlotte’s largest cultural events. 1978
  • The Cathedral gets renovated, and the parish that was once founded with -30 families, has now grown to more than a 1,000 families. 2017

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship for the Centennial celebration will provide the means to properly honor the past one hundred years of blood, sweat, tears and joy that our forefathers established for us.

In that respect, the Centennial is more than just a yearlong celebration, it is a yearlong commemoration of every single person that has devoted their time, energy and resources to the community we know and cherish today.

Your sponsorship will give us the opportunity to cherish those memories and ensure they are memorialized forever. To that end, there are multiple ways to sponsor this momentous celebration:


$2,500 - $4,999
Program recognition
1 page in the Centennial album
Copy of the Centennial album
8 x 10 Centennial Icon
2 banquet reserved seats


$5,000 - $9,999
Program recognition
1 page in the Centennial album
Copy of the Centennial album
8 x 10 Centennial Icon
4 banquet reserved seats


$10,000 - $19,999
Banner logo recognition
Program recognition
2 pages in the Centennial album
Copy of the Centennial album
8 x 10 Centennial Icon
1 banquet reserved table – 8 seats


$20,000 and higher
Banner logo recognition
Program recognition
2 pages in the Centennial album

Help us celebrate the Centennial events!

Commemorative Album

More information on how to contribute to our Centennial’s commemorative album, which will include a timeline and history of our beloved parish and a recap of the planned monthly events and Grand Banquet Centennial events is coming soon.

Calendar of Events


  • Jan 8 / Hellenic Dance Festival Luncheon
  • Feb 18 / Philoptochos Luncheon
  • Mar 26 / Greek School Independence Day Program
  • Apr 2 / Sunday School Art Show
  • May 18 / Forever Young Event at Elatos
  • May 14 / AHEPA Memorial & Scholarship
  • June 4 / Holy Trinity Panegyri
  • Jun 17 / Arahoviton Assoc. 100th Celebration at Karyae Park
  • Jul 4 / Independence Day at Hellenic Park
  • Sep 22-24 / Centennial Weekend
  • Sep 23 / Centennial Gala Dinner Dance

Centennial Sponsors


AHEPA Marathon Chapter 2 Foundation

Holy Trinity Cathedral Foundation


George and Georgia Andrews

Cavalaris Realty Company

Jimmy & Vickie Holevas

Christina Kokenes Skiouris and Family

Tom & Laura Nixon

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Pappas


Philip and Tsoulos Properties LLC


Jimmie and Aphroula Anderson Family

Nickolas and Kiki Ballas

Pamela & Rocky Bostian and Christina Besseas

John & Aphroula Couchell

Michael & Marilyn Dean

Andre & Georgia Harakas

Spero & Rodanthe Koufaliotis

Evan Miller / The Miller Family

Stacks Kitchen

Philip and Celia Thevaos

John & Amber Tsumas

The Zaharakis Family


Agia Elpis Philoptochos

Nick Apostolopoulos

Patricia Economides

John & Ismini Fragakis

Nick & Rea Goanos

John & Eugenia (Noula) Hondros

Nikolaos (Nick), Beth & Maria Élise Hondros

Matthew James Karres

The Grandchildren of Matthew D. Karres and Marie Petroulias Karres

Kleto Family

Dianne A. & George P. Leventis

George & Maria Liapis

Peter & Bessie Marinakos

Costas and Nicole Melissaris

Christina Melissaris

Nick X. Nixon

Arthur & Chris Pappas
Gus Pappas

Nick Pistolis and Vasiliki Pistolis

Kenneth W Poe Funeral & Cremation Service

Louie & Irene Politis

Ronnie Pourlos and FamilY

John and JoAnne Radu

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Resmini

The George Retsios Family

Steven & Constance Ross

James & Gina Spencer

Constantina Stassinos

Jim and Helen Tasios

Peter & Sophia Thomopoulos

Maria Wheatley and Family

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